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Spark joy in the lives of kids and teens with Bam Jam's curated selection of gifts. From game nights to fashion flair, find the perfect present for every young soul.


Our Baskets and Packages

Our diverse range of gift baskets and packages are tailored specifically for kids and teens. Whether you're searching for a fun-filled game night experience or a fashionable treat, our thoughtfully curated collections have something for every young heart. Explore our selection below:

  • Game Night Family Package ($82): Bring the family together for a night of fun with our game night package, complete with board games, snacks, and more.

  • Lipstick Garden ($65): Let her explore her sense of style with our lipstick garden set, featuring a range of vibrant lip colors and beauty accessories.

  • Teen's Rosy Chic Pack ($68): Give her the gift of glam with our rosy chic pack, featuring makeup essentials and trendy accessories.

  • Teens Munch Stash ($52): Keep hunger at bay with our teens munch stash, filled with a variety of delicious snacks and treats.

  • Teen's B-Day Basket ($48): Celebrate her special day with our teen's birthday basket, filled with goodies and treats to make her feel extra special.

  • Fashion With Compassion ($37): Inspire her sense of style with our fashion with compassion set, featuring trendy accessories and statement pieces.

  • Red Splash ($60): Make a statement with our red splash set, featuring bold and vibrant items for the fashion-forward teen.

  • Trucker Blast ($126): Ignite his sense of adventure with our trucker blast kit, featuring outdoor essentials for the young explorer.


Why Choose Us?

Bam Jam Gift Shop is dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver the perfect gift every time. Plus, our customizable options allow you to tailor your gift to suit the recipient's preferences, making each gift truly unique.

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